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Attendance for the academic year 2013/14 was 96.2%.

For children to achieve their best it is essential that they attend school regularly and on time. This is the shared responsibility of parents, the school and the Local Authority.

If there are occasions when this is unavoidable please notify us when your child is going to be late.

Contact us as soon as possible on the first day of an absence. If notification is not received the absence will have to be recorded as unauthorised. Let us know if your child has a medical appointment and needs to be picked up during the day, although we do urge you to book these out of school time.

Parents are strongly discouraged from removing their child from school during term time for holidays. Permission will not be given for holidays, however leave of absence will be granted for exceptional circumstances. Permission must be sought from the Headteacher before any arrangements are made – the appropriate form is available from the School Office.

Please see our school attendance policy