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On Thursday 28th January 2016 we held a talk for parents, to introduce the new leaflets that have been produced with the help of our parents from the parents forum.

The leaflets have been designed to help you understand what your child needs to achieve by the end of their year group,

so you can help support your child.



Assessment and the new National Curriculum

At St. Stephen’s Infant School we strive to ensure that all our children receive the best possible education through a highly stimulating, skilled curriculum and rigorous assessment to ensure each individual child reaches their full potential.

Until July 2014, children were assessed against national curriculum levels.  The expected level at the end of Key Stage One (Year 2) was Level Two.

From September 2014, and in line with the new National Curriculum, assessment in schools changed.  Levels will no longer be used. 

At the end of Year One (July 2015) and Year Two (July 2016) children will be assessed against a set of statements setting out what every child should be able to do.  Schools are free to assess progress in any way they choose.  So that you are kept informed about your child's progress whilst in our school, each year group will be broken down into developmental steps – Below/Emerging/Expected/ /Exceeding.  The expected level at the end of each year will be 'Expected'.

For this academic year only, the Department for Education has stated that children in Year Two will continue to be assessed using levels.  This is because of the national assessments that take place in May of each year.  From September 2015, these children will go on to be assessed against the new curriculum.


Please go to year group pages to see curriculum maps.

We have create 3 power point presentations that were shared with parents on 2nd July 2015. We hope you find these useful and informative.