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Behaviour and Expectations

Our aim is to encourage self-discipline, courtesy, consideration for others and respect for the school environment.  Positive praise is essential; all staff reinforce good work, good behaviour and co-operation. We have a reward system for courtesy and merit. The reward system positively encourages self-discipline and respect for others.

Sanctions such as the withdrawal of privileges may be applied after careful investigation by the Headteacher or class teacher. In the rare cases of persistent or careless misbehaviour, parents will be informed and invited to take part in discussions with staff to devise strategies to assist the child to modify and improve his/her attitude and behaviour.



Happily, we rarely have any incidences of behaviour, which could be described as bullying. However, bullying has no place at St Stephen’s. Please let us know if you feel this may be happening or encourage your child to tell us in confidence. The school has an anti-bulling policy which is available on request.



Exclusion will very rarely be used and then only in the interests of the health and safety of the child concerned, or others within the school. Parents will be notified in writing, at the earliest possible moment, of the reason for the suspension or exclusion. All actions will follow the Kent County Council regulations. There were no exclusions for 2013/2014.



Homework should be an enjoyable experience and, in general, should be used to reinforce children’s school work. For the older children, it helps prepare them for life at Junior school. Homework also gives parents an opportunity to discuss school work with their children, providing some understanding of, and insight into, the national curriculum.  For a copy of our Homework policy, please see our website or ask at the school office.


Charging Policy

There are no compulsory charges for the usual curricular activities at the school.

For some activities, such as school trips, the school will ask parents/carers for voluntary financial contributions in order for the activity to take place. In such circumstances, parents receiving income support or family credit may not be able to make a full contribution for the activity. No child will be excluded from an activity because the parents have not made a voluntary contribution. However, the school may have to cancel planned events if there is insufficient financial support.


Accidents, Illness and Medication

If your child is unwell we will make every effort to contact you. It is very important that we have up-to-date home/work telephone numbers or other contact numbers. Until we have contacted you, we will take any action required in the interests of the child. If your child is ill before school begins, please do not send them to school on that day.

Although we will always care for children who become ill at school, any necessary medical treatment or administering of medicines will be carried out in accordance with and reference to the Department of Health Guidance on “Managing Medicines in Schools and Early years settings.”  Parents naturally have responsibility for the care of their children, and from time to time may need to discuss medical matters with the Headteacher.

Whilst at school, school medical services give all children routine medical screening on a regular basis, including vision, height and weight. We have trained first aiders on our school staff and in the event of an accident, appropriate first aid will be given. In the case of more serious accidents we will contact you as soon as possible. Every parent will be asked to sign an agreement form giving permission for appropriate medical emergency treatment to be arranged in the event of an extreme emergency or parents not available or contactable. If your child suffers a blow to the head, you will always be notified.


Complaints Procedure

If you have any concerns about your child’s education, whether it relates to the curriculum or not, please talk it over with the Headteacher or class teacher. If you are not satisfied that your complaint has been settled by informal discussion, you can ask to have it considered by the governing body. Complaints may be made under arrangements pursuant to Section 23 of the Education Reform Act 1988. Details are available from the school office or the education office.

The complaints procedure and policy can be obtained from our school website or from the school office.


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