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Sports timetable 17/18

At St. Stephen's Infant School, we believe that children have the right to a broad and balanced curriculum. When the Government announced that all school will be in receipt of sports funding to further develop PE in schools and that the funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools we jumped at the opportunity to explore our options to further enhance and move our PE to outstanding.


We received £10,600 for 2015-16. We plan to spend the grant in the following way:

  • High quality sports coaching to improve children's fitness and develop healthier lifestyles
  • High quality sports coaching to support and develop staff knowledge, experience and fitness (CPD)
  • High quality sports coaching to deliver extended after school opportunities
  • Increase of after school sports opportunities to encourage out of school sport
  • Introduction of 'healthy eating sessions' for reluctant eaters Change4Life
  • Introduction of Healthy Minds, Health Bodies, Year 1. Delivered by one of our TA's and Jack
  • Purchase a wide range of teaching resources to help teach PE and sport


Our aim was to hire a specialist qualified sports coach to work with staff and children. We investigated our options, looked at cost and value for money. Team Theme came up trumps offering the best package, that including a full day of skilled coaching, playtime support and after school club, alongside CPD for staff.

Team Theme have produced an individualised development module and materials for PE, for all year groups, meeting the needs of our children and staff. The programme takes into account the restriction we face when delivering PE in to just Infant age children. 

Jack and Sebastian are our designated specialist qualified sports coaches from Team Theme.  They have gone out of their way to accommodate our schools individual needs and has developed an appreciation to the complexity of an infant school and has developed skills to support and help the children in their learning.

Their helpful and friendly manner with the children and staff made them warm to them quickly and with ease. They have shown an excellent subject knowledge that has enabled all our children to progress in their physical development. This knowledge has been imparted onto the staff and children. The children are enthused are excited about their sessions with Team Theme. Our aim is that our Teachers and TA's learn alongside Team Theme, skilling themselves to be able to then re-teach the lessons and then be confident in knowledge and skills to independently teach once funding has ceased.