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Extended Services and Clubs

After School Activities

As an Infant school we offer a wealth of after school activities to provide our children with additional enrichments and extended learning opportunities.

With dedicated staff and parent volunteers, we are currently running a variety of clubs. We have been exceptionally lucky to receive Sports Funding which has enabled us to increase the number of after school sports enrichment activities throughout the week. 


Music enrichments

The children have access to numerous musical instruments and take part in a wide variety of musical activities, which include creating, listening and performing. We have a World Music choir and the children perform regularly both in school and in the local community.



Sport enrichments

With the additional sports funding from the government, we are really lucky to work with TeamTheme to support and enhance our Physical Education provision. All children receive a sports session from a highly trained and skilled sports coach. The benefits from this have been huge, from the children’s ability in sports to the staff gaining new knowledge and professional development. TeamTheme also support our after school clubs and sport events.


Breakfast and After School Club

This is provided by St Stephen’s Junior School on the Junior site. Should you require any more information or a place at either club, please contact Ruth at the Junior School at 01227 464119 or on 07840 657 598 or email: