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EduCant Collaboration

Educant Collaboration

Working together to ensure all children reach their full potential”


St. Stephen’s Infant School belongs to the Canterbury EduCant Collaboration of schools that work in partnership to promote many collaborative learning opportunities for children and staff.    We work to an agreed action plan and all schools are committed to strengthening our collaboration through a range of school improvement activities.  Subject Leaders across all the schools have met to plan for the introduction of the new National Curriculum and assessment without levels, share best practice and undertake joint moderation activities.  Our Governing Body is also embarking on a development programme with governors from other schools, facilitated by Christ Church University, to strengthen their role. The Headteachers meet, at least, once a term to look at how we can work together to improve outcomes for all children, we share good practice and provide support and reflective opportunities to support the continued improvements of our schools.





Headteachers/Head of School

St. Peter’s Primary Methodist

Simon Way

St. Thomas’ Catholic Primary

Lisa D’Ayostini

St. John’s Primary School

Jo Warnock

Chartham Primary School

Emma Ribbans

Blean Primary School

Ian Rowden

St. Stephen’s Infant School

Alice Edgington

Pilgrims' Way Primary SchoolMiss Anne-Marie Middleton
St Stephen's Junior SchoolLaura Cutts & Sarah Heaney


As a group of schools, we, the EduCant Collaboration, wish to retain our own individual identities whilst at the same time continue to develop working practises between the schools. This we will endeavour to achieve by:

To continue to improve standards of learning through;

  • Shared human resources and outstanding practice

  • Shared CPD opportunities for staff and governors

  • Dealing with under-performing staff

  • Joint monitoring by staff and Headteachers


To continue to develop an active support network for Headteachers and Governors through;

  • Mentoring Headteachers/Governors who are new in post

  • Coaching Headteachers who are experiencing difficulties

  • Headteachers attendance at the termly collaboration meetings

  • To act as advisers during OFSTED and SIAS inspections

  • Shared CPD opportunities


To ensure best value for each school through;

  • Joint procurement of services where appropriate

  • Joint procurement of specialist advisers where appropriate

  • To set up contracts and seek additional funding


To develop opportunities for pupil interaction though;

  • A shared programme of enrichment activities

  • A shared programme of extended schools activities