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Reading practice sessions


Reading Sessions

  • Along with Phonics, we also follow the Reading lesson model out in Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised.
  • Children across Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 apply their phonics knowledge by using a fully matched decodable reading book in a small group reading practice session.
  • This means that every child has access to a reading book that is assessed appropriately to their level and the sounds that they know.
  • Each child has a Little Wandle Reading Wallet that contains their Contact book and their Little Wandle Reading Book.
  • On a Friday, the children take the book that they have been reading at school home. We send the same book home to ensure success is shared within the family. It is fantastic for a child’s reading confidence to be able to come home and show you all the skills they have learnt in school.
  • Please return the Little Wandle books by Thursday, ready for their new books to go home on Friday.

Popular Questions about reading Little Wandle Books at home:

What if my child comes across a word that they can’t read straight away?
• If your child is unsure of a word, ask them to sound it out and then blend.
• Ask them if they can spot any digraphs (two letters, one sound, such as oo in book, ar in car) or trigraphs (three letters, one sound, such as igh in night or air in fair) before decoding the word.
• If they are really struggling just read the word to them!

My child is reading the books fluently at home, do they need a more challenging book?
• No! We want children to be able to read fluently and not find reading a chore.
• Once they can read fluently, they can focus on adding expression when reading aloud and showing their understanding of the book.

Top Tip!
Each Little Wandle book has a guide to support reading that particular book on the front or back cover. Use these prompts to support Phonic knowledge and to check your child’s understanding.

Reading for pleasure

Reading for pleasure is an important part of reading. We ensure children develop a love of reading and are exposed to a range of interesting and relevant texts and authors.
We promote a love of reading in the following ways:

  • Daily story time.
  • Sharing stories that promote cross-curricular links.
  • Book corners within every classroom ensure that children have access to books at all times of the day.
  • An outdoor library. This is a selection of books that go outside at playtimes so children have the opportunity to read during their breaktime if they wish to do so.
  • Alongside children’s decodable reading book, children also have the opportunity to choose an enrichment book, twice weekly. This is a book that they can share with you at home.
    Enrichment books are changed:
    Foundation Stage and Year 1 – Monday & Thursday
    Year 2 – Monday & Wednesday
  • A weekly library session. Children visit the school library once a week. They have the opportunity to borrow a library book for the week. They have opportunities to look at a range of texts including comics and non-fiction books.
    Library Sessions are:
    Tuesday – Year 2
    Wednesday – Year 1 & Foundation Stage
  • Teaching of poetry, which includes performing poems.
  • A variety of school wide events to promote reading, such as World Book Day and National Storytelling week.