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Family Liaison Officer and The Emotional Wellbeing Team

Mrs Louise Byrne

FLO mobile: 07736484199



Hi, I am the FLO here at St Stephen’s Infant School. 


My role is to provide pastoral support to both children and families.  I regularly run emotional well-being groups, social skills groups and self-esteem work with children within school. I aim to work alongside charities and agencies in order to support the families at school and build community links to through key events such as coffee mornings and school fairs.


Part of my role is to monitor attendance, as attendance in school is integral to children making progress in their learning.  I work with the KCC School Liaison Officer to support families with attendance for more complex issues.  I am also part of the School Safeguarding Team.

I am here to help with any personal worries or school related issues. If you have any concerns, please come and talk to me about it.  I am available for chats, drop-ins, appointments and if needed home visits.  I can often be found on the playground in the mornings and home time or can be contacted on the above email or phone number. So please come and say hello!



Emotional Wellbeing Team



St Stephen’s Infants School welcomes the opportunity to host the Emotional Wellbeing Team at your child’s school.


What are Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners?

EWPs are part of a new government initiative that aims to promote good emotional wellbeing and mental health by supporting children and their families through prevention, early intervention and education. Practitioners link with schools and the School Mental Health Lead - Mrs Martin.


What support do Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners offer?

There are a number of different ways that we may be able to support your child:

  • Groups and workshops for parents on topics such as understanding your child’s behaviour, preparing for your child’s move to secondary school and ways of looking after your child’s emotional wellbeing;   
  • Support for children experiencing anxiety will be provided through sessions offered to parents as this has been proven to be the most effective way to address anxiety in primary school aged children;
  • Support for parents who would like to understand more about their child’s behaviour and enjoy their time with their child more (for children under 8);
  • Supporting staff in your child’s school through training and consultation;
  • Supporting the school to develop a ‘whole school approach’ to emotional wellbeing and mental health.


How do I access this support for my child?

If you would like to receive support for you and your family, then please speak to your child's class teacher or 

please contact the Senior Mental Health Lead, Mrs Martin on 01227 769204 or email the office on


OSI - Online Support Intervention to help with anxiety, worries and fears

Emotional Wellbeing Team Online Workshops for parents